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“Linda Bergman’s GET TO THE HEART – THE BARBARA MANDRELL STORY was the best script of my career!”

— Maureen McCormick, Actress



“Linda Bergman’s writing class is the best place that I've experienced in a decade for incubating new ideas, practicing craft and playing with voice.”

— Griff  Foxley,
Writer/Social Activist/Cowboy


“Linda Bergman you’ve made us proud. Proud of all the Writer’s Guild nominees, proud of our profession.”

— Del Reisman, Past President,
Writer’s Guild of America


“Scripter Linda Bergman wisely uses quick but interesting plot pivots to advance the main story while creating bleak moods and serving up healthy chunks of emotional underpinnings in ABC’s Against Their Will.”  

— Daily Variety


“In “Almost Golden”, Sela Ward delivers a tour de force acting job in screenwriter Linda Bergman’s thoughtful and powerful script.”  

— The Hollywood Reporter


“Linda is a great guide through the murky waters of memoir. She is smart and thorough and committed to the truth. She also loves language and stories and is an invaluable asset to anyone with a tale to tell.”  

— Beth Broderick,


“Linda really creates a safe, warm and spirited environment that is so embracing. I feel lucky to have found her!”  

— Lei Levi,
Visual Consultant/Writer


“Thank you, Linda, for being such an extraordinary guide and presence. The space you create is so welcoming and protected that I felt safe enough to leave it all on the page.”  

— Lena Georgas, Actress/Photographer


“Linda brings clarity, knowledge, and an intense passion for sharing her love of story as relayed through film. I left class with a clear understanding of the process and structure of screen writing.”  

— Paula Chaffee Scardamalia,

Author, Speaker, Intuitive and Creativity Coach


“Linda broke down the mystery of screen-writing into manageable bites, using on-point examples from current movies to illustrate her lessons. Her feedback on class writing was terrific!”  

— Emer O'Keeffe,

School Media Specialist and Writer/Editor


“Thank you for a great class and great teaching. Your smiling charm, ease and enthusiasm made your classes so engaging! ”  

— Sarab Zavaleta


“For twelve agonizing years I kneaded the life out of a sweeping historical, a true story I felt was the “book of my heart.”  In Linda’s class, I identified the structural problem, solved it, and found the story’s true form – a screenplay.”  

— Zita Christian, Author of three historical romances
published by Harper, 
and as Zelena Winters,
a Novella published by Berkley


“Thank you for providing the space, humor, freshness, and inspiration for me to find my voice again.”  

— Jesse Estrin, Philosopher/Writer


“Linda Bergman is an excellent teacher. She is direct and honest in her approach, goal oriented and an insightful communicator. Brilliant!”  

— Barbara Roberts, Novelist


“Linda is great. The way she runs her classes — with such appreciation and direction — creates an intimacy that I have learned to use every day in my writing and relationships.”

— Adam Shomer, TV Writer/Producer


“Linda, what I got from the workshops was invaluable.”

— Dorothy, Randall Gray, Writer, Executive Director,
The Heartland Institute For Transformation


“Something magical happens in your classes. You always say the right thing, ask the right question, give us the best feedback to get us to the difficult, significant places of memory where we can re capture the lessons of life that shaped our character.”

— Patty Paul, Writer


“Thanks for your wonderful screenplay class. I learned a lot from you….”  

— Rosary O’Neill, Playwright


“Linda, it was a pleasure meeting you and your class was the highlight of the IWWG conference. You revealed what it takes to write an award-winning screenplay.  From the page to the screen, you showed what works, what doesn't and why. You are an inspiration, and you course materials are worth their weight in gold!”

— Christina Davis,

Speechwriter at a Fortune 500 company.


"From ages 12 to 70, you had the room packed at your Brown University class "So You Think Your Life's A Movie?" What a variety of stories and everyone was so engaged. Great leader, Linda" 

— Babette Hogan, Writer,

Director, political documentarian 



“Linda, It was a pleasure to meet you and attend your class...I was overwhelmed by the generous way you shared your knowledge of - and passion for writing.It was an excellent and memorable experience.”

— Christine Dietrich Cragg, writer, traveler, artist  


“Linda Bergman’s class was a revelation! Although I’ve participated in writing workshops in the past, ... this class was fun, dynamic, and empowering. I learned the structure and technique behind successful screenwriting—and what I learned has strengthened and sharpened all of my writing. “

—Dixie L. King, Ph.D. Transforming Local Communities, Inc.


" I greatly enjoyed Linda's classes. When penning my novels I have mostly followed the standard structure used in films, yet her class has now given me the courage to tackle the conversion of one of my novels into a screenplay.”

 — Talia Carner, Author, Puppet CHILD & CHINA DOLL
and upcoming in 2011, JERUSALEM  MAIDEN 


“Linda's workshops excite the mind while engaging the heart.  Some absolutely amazing work came from attending her classes and provided anchors for both where to start and how to go about finishing my professional, sale-able work. I've told my friends about the scenes written and performed the last day at Brown University and I'm still amazed at the quality and depth of the work.” 

— Diana F. Graham Manager, Writer, Explorer


“Thanks for teaching me so much about dialogue I never knew before! I will definitely use everything I have learned from you in my writing this year!” 

— Ari Hasbrouck,Student, 8th grade,
George Washington Middle School


"So You Think Your Life's A Movie" was a life-changing experience for me.  A difficult memoir of my tangled involvement as a young photojournalist in 1980's Latin America  came to life ... I can't say enough about the importance of the moment for me when I saw my words... acted out in class. A dark shadow over my life was lifted by the transformative powers of artfulness. The best therapy, better than sex or even a massage, soul-freeing!” 

— Diane J. Schmidt, photojournalist, author, columnist and
now screenwriter! working title: Darkening of the Light